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Welcome to VIP bonus, your most trusted resource for the latest casino bonuses and bonus codes offered by our biggest partner names in the online betting industry in the UK. As an online gambler, you should strive to make bonus offers your first priority whenever you sign up to place your wagers. Our team has gone out of its way to do all the heavy lifting for you by searching exhaustively for the most lucrative bonuses available at any time.

As a punter, a casino bonus code is the most effective way for you to spend less of your real cash and win more. Count yourself lucky as you have just landed on the best site to get you what you need in terms of bonuses, promotions, codes, discounts and offers for a richer and more thrilling online gaming experience. Do you want to find the finest bonuses in the UK casinos? If so, have a look at our compilation of our guide and you will find out!


Why Do Casinos Offer Bonuses and Discounts?

In the last decade, the internet has led to some huge changes in the betting industry. Now, you do not have to go to a brick and mortar betting den to place wagers on your favorite games. Thanks to the internet, you can do it from the comfort of your living room. Currently, the internet is flooded with all sorts of bookies and this has stiffened the competition between them. Every online casino wants you to gamble in their website. Even the bookies with the biggest names, still scramble for new gamers. But then with all the choices available for you, the question that you keep asking yourself is; which casino should I play in? Well, the odds that are being offered in the gambling sites in the UK are quite similar so that might not be the best way for you to base your choice on. That is where the bookmaker bonus code offers come in. That is the main strategy that a bookie will use to set itself apart from all its counterparts.


The bookmakers know that you can choose to play wherever you want and thus, the casino bonus online offers are their way of giving you a reason to attract your attention. However, the offers made by the online casinos in the UK are so much that making a choice would be rather difficult for you.

Fortunately, VIP bonus has your back. We have the best and most advantageous offers for you so that your gaming experience can be streamlined.

How To Find the Best Casino Bonus Code Offers in UK

When you throw yourself into the vast sea of online betting for the first time, you should start by finding the best casino sign up bonus. That will make sure that your first gambling experience is great. But since you are a rookie, you probably don’t know how to do that. Here at VIP bonus, there are a few things that we consider before we declare a casino bonus code or offer worth trying.

Some of the factors we consider so that we can point you in the right direction include:

  1. Is the casino you want to play in licensed in the UK? Confirming that a casino is officially licensed will guarantee that you will be placing your bets in a safe and secure gaming environment.
  2. As a player, you are supposed to find out how much advantage the bonus will provide you. You might be thinking; what makes a registration bonus worth redeeming? Well, it’s simple the best registration bonuses will offer you some free cash to place your first bet with while others are going to offer you some free games. At VIP bonus, we have all that covered for you.
  3. After redeeming a great sign up bonus, you are also supposed to search of other bonuses that the casino offers for players who already have an account. That way, you will keep enjoying extra benefits that the bookie has which will earn you a chance of making some more money.


Types of Online Casino Bonus Code & Promotions


The best way to gain most advantage in your online gambling activities is through the bonuses. Every casino provides different bonuses to both new and existing players. If you want to redeem an offer that will be worth your while, it is important that you know what each of the bonuses that are offered means. In most cases, you will find that the bookies have a page on their site dedicated to giving all the information that you need to know about the types of offers and bonuses that they have for you.
This information ranges from bookmaker bonus code offers for registration to the discounts that you will get as a member of that bookie. Some are only available for specific live sporting events such as the Champion’s League or even the Word Cup.
We have taken our time to compile the most popular bonuses you will get in the online gambling industry so that you can know what they are all about.

Here is a summary of the discount, offers and promotions that you will most likely encounter as you gamble online in the United Kingdom:

a) No Deposit Casino Bonus UK: This is possibly the most popular bonus you will find, especially as a new player looking to place your first wager. This offer was brought by bookies because new players usually want to test the waters before risking their own real money. So, this offer will grant you an opportunity of receiving some real cash from the bookie to play your first games. But then, you need to be careful before you redeem the offer. There are some terms and conditions that the bookmakers set that you must fulfill if you want to receive the full benefits of the offer.

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b) Sign Up Bonuses: This offer is self-explanatory just by the look of the name. It is a bonus that the bookie will give you once you sign up to become a member of their site. Most sign up bonuses are quite beneficial especially since the casino is doing all it can to encourage you to register with them. In fact, there are several bookies who have more than one sign up bonus. The only problem unfortunately is that only one sign up bonus can be redeemed at any instance. Once you sign up and get your bonus, you will not be eligible for a second sign up bonus. Here at VIP bonus, we will help you get the most advantageous sign up bonuses so that you can have a memorable experience when you register to become a new member.

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c) Deposit Casino Bonus: Sometimes, online casinos want to encourage players to deposit some real money into their accounts. The bookie offers to reward you after you make a deposit of a specific amount that has been set initially. After you top up your account with the set amount, your gaming deposit is matched up by a certain percentage. This could be anywhere between 10% to 100% matchup of the initial amount you deposited. So, the more you deposit the more you are rewarded. However, there is usually a maximum limit to the amount that you can be rewarded.

d) Exclusive Casino Bonus: This particular bonus is also referred to the Loyalty Casino bonus. As the name of the bonus suggests, you are given some perks as a reward for being loyal to the bookie. For example, if you have been placing your bets with the bookies for a long time. Mostly, this type of bonus is awarded to players in the form of points which are then redeemable after they reach a specific amount. The points can help you to move up in the ranks of the casino, for instance from gold membership to platinum membership in the bookie. The members are then offered a range of benefits with respect to the status of the membership they have attained.


e) Free Play Bonuses: This offer is very similar to the no deposit casino offers. However, in some bookies, you will not be allowed to withdraw any of your winnings with this type of bonus. In most of the instances that this type of bonus is offered, it comes as a reserved special for casino games that the bookie has just introduced. In slot machine games, this offer is sometimes known as the Free Spins Bonus. Basically you are allowed to take the slot machine through a few free spins as a bonus.

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f) Referral Bonus: In order to increase the number of gamblers that register on their sites, bookies unveil the Referral bonus offer. This is an offer that will award you whenever you send an invite to any of your friends via email to come and join you in placing bets with that bookmaker. As long as the person you invited registers with the bookie, you get a reward. The person you invite needs to click on a specific link or mention you during their registration process. The reward you receive will vary. Some casinos will offer you free games while others may give you a certain percentage of the amount of real cash that your friend will deposit upon registration.

Remember, these are not the only bonuses you can find, there are a lot more that you can redeem. Some of the bookies also combine the bonuses we have mentioned above to make them more attractive. So, you might find a free spin offer combined with a deposit bonus or a sign up bonus combined with a deposit bonus. However, the bonus offers are presented to you, just make sure that you take a few minutes to know what the bonus is all about.

We will constantly be updating you with exclusive casino bonus code offers that will earn you advantage whenever you want to bet. Stay up to date with VIP bonus and you will never miss out on any of these offers.

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Bookmaker Bonus Code Promotions – Terms and Conditions

However, attractive and exciting these bonuses may seem, you should never ignore the fine print. Every single bonus comes with some specific terms and conditions that must be adhered to before the bookie finally awards you the perks of the bonus.

Read the fine print and ensure that you are comfortable with the details of the offer. For instance, sometimes there is a wagering requirement that needs to be fulfilled before the offer can be redeemed. In other cases, the bonus is restricted to specific games, specific regions or even some specific payment methods.

If you feel you cannot meet the set conditions, look for an offer that you are comfortable with. With the vast range of offers we have discovered for you at VIP bonus, you won’t fail to find something that precisely fits your needs. If you don’t meet all the requirements set in the terms and conditions, you won’t be allowed to withdraw any of your earnings or in some cases, your bookmaker bonus code becomes nullified. Reading through the terms and conditions on the other hand will give you all the information you need and you will never find yourself in sticky situations when you are about to withdraw your winnings!


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